Car Servicing Singapore – 10 Ways to save serious money!

Regular Car Servicing in Singapore is probably the single thing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future.

Don’t ignore your car servicing services or take preventive maintenance for your car. The basics, like changing your oil, checking your tire pressure, and getting scheduled inspections and work done are like getting regular checkups at the doctor. They keep you healthy and reduce the chance of catching anything serious before it becomes a major problem. With your car, that can save you thousands of dollars.

10 Ways to Save Serious Money To Do Your Own Car Servicing Singapore

1.    Do your own inspection.

Make sure all your lights are working. Check the air pressure in your tires every month or so (and buy a cheap tire air pressure gauge and keep it in the glove compartment). Doing so is good for your tires, gets you better mileage, and saves you money in gas if you discover that the pressure is off. Listen for any strange sounds, inside and out. Make sure your tires have enough tread.

2.    Learn to check your fluids.

Even if you don’t ever learn how to change your antifreeze, power steering, coolant, or even your wiper fluid, you should learn how to check those fluid levels. In some cases, you can see the tank level directly, but most have gauges or dipsticks you can pull out to check current levels against a notch that indicates optimal levels

3.    Timing belts

Inspect and get your timing and belts replaced when necessary. Ask your mechanic to inspect the belts when it gets time to replace them, mileage-wise.

4.    Check your oil and get it changed regularly.

Whether your car has a dipstick to check the oil’s colour and oil level or the dipstick has been replaced with an electronic gauge, you should know how to check it. Knowing the difference between clean oil and muddy, murky oil will save you a ton on unnecessary changes and gives you a way to tell if something’s wrong with your engine (e.g. the oil looks terrible but you just had it changed).

5.    Check your battery and clean the contacts (if necessary).

Most batteries these days don’t require much in the way of maintenance, but you should know where it is and check it to make sure it’s not leaking and there’s no mineral or other build-up on the contacts.

6.    Replace your windshield wipers when the view gets blurred

Wipers are cheap and easy to replace yourself. Don’t wait until you can barely see through your windshield. Your visibility is important,

7.    Replace your cabin air filter.

Replacing a cabin air filter is probably one of the easiest things you can do to keep your car comfortable. Most vehicles make the cabin air filter easily accessible, and replacing it is as easy as opening a box.

8.    Replace your engine air filter.

Replacing it regularly is important. If it’s dirty, replace it.

9.    Get your tyres rotated and balanced

Rotate and balance your tyres and have alignment checked. It is important to do to make sure your tyres wear evenly and your car drives smoothly.

10.    Change your spark plugs.

If your spark plugs are worn out or covered in build-up, your engine isn’t working efficiently. That can cost you money in fuel for one, but it can also lead to a breakdown.

These are just a few things that every vehicle needs, and almost all of them are included in the car servicing Singapore process.

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Car Tyres Singapore – Understanding Your Tyres

Your car tyres are the only part of the car that has direct contact with the road. Tyres affect your vehicle handling, ride, braking, and safety. For optimum performance, tyres must have the correct air pressure, tread depth, balance and the wheels of the vehicle must be properly aligned.

Checking your tyres on a regular basis is an important step in protecting your safety and your automotive investment. Ideally, tyre inspections should be performed monthly. If you drive over potholes and debris in the road, live in a cold climate, or drive long distances regularly, then you should inspect your tyres more often.

Tyre Problems to Look For During a Visual Inspection

Over inflation: Too much air pressure causes mostly the tyre’s middle section to contact the road. This creates wear primarily in the centre of the tread, with less wear at the tyre’s edges.

Under inflation: Too little air pressure causes mostly the outer edges to contact the road. This creates wear primarily on both edges of the tyre tread, with less wear in the centre.

Tread wear on one edge of the car tyre Singapore: This typically occurs when the wheels are out of alignment.

Erratic tread wear: This is often called cupping, and may mean the wheel is out of balance, or that the shock absorbers or other suspension components need to be replaced.

Raised portion of the tread or sidewall: May indicate that one of the belts in the tyre carcass has separated from those next to it.

Tyre Problems to Look for While Driving

Unusual vibration or thumping noise: Vibration or thumping noises can indicate an out-of-balance tyre, one with tread that has a flat spot due to locking the wheels in a panic stop, or a tyre with a separated belt.

A pull to one side: While driving at a steady speed, pulling to one side may indicate an underinflated or damaged tyre on the side of the car to which the vehicle pulls. If this is not the case, a brake problem or poor wheel alignment may be causing the pull.

There are several tyre maintenance procedures that automotive repair professionals should do because they require special tools and knowledge.

Tyre Rotation

Tyres on the front and the rear of vehicles operate at different loads and perform different steering and braking functions, resulting in unequal wear patterns. To gain maximum life and performance from your tyres, it is essential to rotate your vehicle’s tyres. Usually car tyres rotation is performed between 5,000 and 7,000 miles.

Tyre Balancing

Properly balanced tyres help minimize uneven wear and extend their life. When tyres are balanced, small weights are attached to the wheels to limit vibration of the tyre and wheels as they turn.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the measurement of the position of the wheels compared to specifications that the vehicle manufacturers recommend. Each vehicle has specific wheel alignment settings. If any alignment measurement falls outside the specified range, uneven tyre wear can result, vehicle handling may be affected and fuel economy can be diminished.

A vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned when the car will drive down the road in a straight line without drifting or pulling to either side.
Spending a few minutes with your car tyres every month can help protect your family, improve your vehicle’s performance, and lengthen the life of your car tyres.

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Signs Your Car Battery Needs a Replacement in Singapore

The battery is considered as the heart of every vehicle. Without it, a car will not have the power to start or move. So it is important to take good care of your vehicle’s battery and to know when your car needs a battery replacement. Most of the time, batteries are so reliable that many drivers tend to forget they are even there until a problem occurs. If you perform a few tests and pay attention to your vehicle’s battery, you can minimise the risk of being stranded on the road when your car broke down.

Fortunately, there are a few signs that may indicate your car’s battery requires a replacement before it’s too late. Understanding at least a bit about your battery and paying attention to the most common signs can save you and your car.

  • Slow Engine Crank

If the engine cranks when you turn the key, but it won’t start, chances are the culprit is the battery. The cranking of the engine becomes sluggish and it takes longer than normal to start the car are clear indications that your battery needs a replacement. There could be other reasons behind the slow engine cranking such as the starter or something else, but 94{aeeddd3cc1075e0fa67aae3b79b25d95eda2783bd3e68292df83ef0c9475648c} of the time, it is caused by the battery. When you find yourself with a vehicle that will not crank hard enough to start, you should take your car to a servicing shop for a check-up.

  • Old Age

The battery itself can provide clues to whether it demands a replacement. If your car’s battery is older than three or four years, you can expect some problems to arise. A car battery can last well beyond three years, but its condition must be inspected on a regular basis when it reaches the three years period. Regular battery check-up can help ensure that it can still function properly and will not give you any problem while you are driving.

  • No crank, no start, no lights

One of the most straightforward situations that indicate your car requires a battery replacement in Singapore is when your vehicle won’t crank or doesn’t start. It is a strong sign that your battery is at fault. Remember that the battery is the primary source of power for all the accessories and lights, especially if the alternator isn’t running. So if the car seems to be completely lifeless or powerless, then the battery is the first thing that you should check out.

  • Low Battery Fluid Level

A battery’s casing typically has a part that is translucent so you can always monitor the fluid level. When the fluid level is below the lead plates, you may consider having the battery and charging system inspected. Through a test, the mechanic can diagnose the condition of your battery.

  • Bad Smell and Corrosion

Pay attention to the appearance of your battery. If the battery is enclosed in an insulating sleeve or a case, remove it once in a while to see what’s going on underneath. Check for corrosion or stains as it could indicate battery leak. Look for build-up around the terminal. If you see any sign of build-up, you can clean it using water or you can take it to professional car cleaner. Another sign to watch out for is the smell. Try to smell the battery. Can you smell something like rotten egg odours or the smell of the battery overheating? These are clear signs that you need to look for a reliable Singapore battery replacement company.

Benefits of 24 Hours Towing Services

Knowing that there are 24 hours towing services Singapore you can quickly call in case of emergency when you are travelling can make you at ease. Even though no one wishes for their vehicle to break down or encounter a problem when they are on the road, it pays to be always prepared for a worse scenario. Emergency situations usually happen when we rarely expect them. So, saving the contact number of a 24hrs towing company on your phone will be beneficial.

For most car owners, the availability of 24 hours towing services is a huge help. They can quickly come to rescue the car owners when their vehicles become problematic while on the road at any time of the day.

Below are some of the notable benefits of 24 hours towing services

A towing company offers roadside assistance when your car becomes disabled due to electrical or mechanical issues. They can send in people to help you take the vehicle to their shop or to the nearest station so that it can be repaired as fast as possible and enables you to carry on with your regular activity. In case the mechanical malfunction is quite serious, they can give you a ride to your destination while they try to fix the problem. They will call you once the problem is resolved and inform you when you can get your car from the shop.

Too many times, a vehicle breaks down when you are in a hurry or have something very important to attend to. For instance, you have an important meeting at the office, you’re getting late for work, or you need to pick up your kids from school, then on the way, your car suddenly halted. When you checked it and found the problem, you don’t have enough time to fix it. This is where the towing service can come to aid you. A towing company can immediately take your car to avoid causing traffic and then repair it. Your vehicle will be safe when it is being towed and won’t incur further issues due to inappropriate handling.

The good thing about towing services is that they are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. You never know the time of day when your vehicle breaks down or malfunctions. It can happen when you are driving to work very early in the morning, or when you are going home late at night. Imagine if your car stops in the middle of the road during wee hours. What will you do? If you have contact details of a reliable 24hrs towing company, they can get to your location as quickly as possible and drive you home or to wherever you are heading regardless of the time of the day just to help you.

When a car is caught up in an emergency situation, like car collision and needs towing, you can quickly call a dependable towing company that has the right equipment to attend to this kind of service. Most towing companies have fleets of trucks to transport any vehicle involved in a car accident. Once they collected the car, they will inspect the severity of the damage and diagnose the defects before repairing it. Moreover, these companies including BHauto Car Servicing Singapore have highly skilled people who can provide reliable towing services and repair any car problems.