How to Choose the Right Car Tyres in Singapore

Sooner or later, car owners will need to buy a set of tyres for their vehicles. Car tyres in Singapore play a significant part not only in your vehicle’s overall performance but in your safety as well. Not using the right tyres will compromise your car’s ability to maximise traction with the road. So it is crucial to buy the right kind of tyres for your vehicle.

Many vehicle owners find tyre shopping to be a daunting task and even confusing. With so many types of tyres available in the market, it’s normal to be confused but don’t get carried away by the overwhelming choices that might just lead to making a poor decision. Each car tyre has its own treat patterns and features you might not fully understand. With proper knowledge, you can make the right choice when shopping for tyres.

Here are a few tips of Car Servicing Singapore to help you choose the tyres that match your car.

Check Manufacturer’s Specifications

If it’s your first time to buy car tyres in Singapore, it is of substantial importance to check your car’s handbook to determine the size and other specifications outlined by the manufacturer. On the sidewall of any car tyre, there is a special code comprising of numbers and letters that represent the size and main capabilities. You don’t have to stick to a particular brand of tyres, but the tyres should fit the wheel perfectly and be of the same type and size recommended by the manufacturer. It is essential that both tyres on one axle have the same tread pattern and depth; otherwise, braking, handling and steering can be compromised.

Don’t Buy Cheap Priced TyresWhile it’s very tempting to buy low-cost tyres, you should avoid spending on the cheapest tyres you can find. But you don’t have to invest on a premium price tag for the performance tyres either. Many tyre manufacturers make their products using computerised construction design and high-quality materials to ensure durability, better car handling in different conditions, enhanced fuel economy, best ride comfort and greater safety. These types of tyres may be a little costly initially but will prove to be a practical choice in the long run. You won’t need to replace your tyres for a longer time.

Decide How Many Tyres You NeedHow many tyres need to be replaced? While you can replace just one tyre, it is a common practice to replace car tyres in pairs or all four at the same time. Some tyre companies offer a good discount if you buy a full set of new tyres from them, which can give you great savings. However, if the other tyres still have lots of tread depth, you can skip buying a pair of tyres and just purchase one of the same size and model. Make sure that the tyre has the same tread pattern with the other one to avoid jeopardising your car’s performance.

Pay Attention to Tyre Markings

All Singapore car tyres have a series of markings or labels on them that many people understand about. These markings show all kinds of information regarding the tyre, which is why people at any tyre company pay much attention to them. The series of markings begin with a letter which represents the type of tyre and then followed by numbers that indicate the width of the tyre. Some tyres feature an arrow on the side, which must point toward the front of the car so that the tread will be pointed in the correct direction. If you are unsure on what tyre to buy, you can make an enquiry in a trusted car tyres company in Singapore before making a final decision.