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Day & Night Car Servicing Maintenance

Mon to Sat : 0900hrs – 2300hrs / 9am – 11pm
Sun : 1000hrs – 1600hrs / 10am – 4pm

Specifically modeled for all day-shift employee, we offer after work-hours night automotive services to ensure your automobile is taken care of without interrupting your daily work schedule.

Come after 6pm to enjoy shorter waiting time.

A.C. (Air-Conditioner) Maintenance

Imagine driving a car with malfunctioned A.C. in Singapore… absolute discomfort whether it is rain or shine. We provide A.C. Maintenances Packages to eliminate any experience as stated and prevent other automotive issues that is caused faulty A.C.
We have two different packages available:

+ Cooling Coil Changing Package

This package is inclusive of:

  • Replacing Cooling Coil
  • Vacuum
  • Top up and Renew Gas
  • Replace Compressor Oil
  • Replacing Air-Con Filter
  • Remove Dashboard
  • Diagnostic Check if necessary

+ Air-Con Refreshment Package

This package is inclusive of:

  • Checking of Air-con filter
  • Checking of Blower Motor
  • Change Air-Con Gas
  • Change Compressor Oil
  • Refresh Cooling Coil
  • Vacuum

Car Tyres Singapore (Indoor & Outdoor Services)

Unexpected flattened tyres situation? We’ve got your back! BH Auto goes the extra miles to reach you wherever you are to get those tyres fixed. If tyres replacement are required, we offer Free Towing Service to BH Auto workshop for the replacement at instant.

*Free Towing Service applicable only for services at BH Auto.

Wheel Alignment

Experience sideways veering while driving straight ahead? You need the wheels to be aligned. At BH Auto, we offer professional wheel alignment services, perfecting all alignments where the angles of the wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground - maximizing the lifespan of your tires



BH Auto utilises original diagnostic equipment to trace automotive faults with precise accuracy and subsequently administering the necessary repairs required. With technological advancement, we efficiently reduced any unnecessary time, cost and effort incurred.

Automotive Exterior Recovery

Spray Painting/Detailing (Polishing):
Process is done with Germany’s high-quality paint from MIPA and DUPONT, in a Spray Painting Booth (a controlled environment) to ensure a professional, tough durable finishing, like the day you first bought it.

Panel Beating:
A process of restoring the vehicle to its original state after an accident. In BH Auto, we utilise the GlobalJig Mobile Bench System manufactured from Australia to repair and align the damaged chassis.

Authorized Workshop for ETIQA,QBE, AXA, ECICS Insurance & TOKIO MARINE

BH Auto is authorized to provide quality Automotive Services to customer insured under the stated Insurance Companies.

Accidents Related Matters:

We do accident reporting, claims, as well as car insurance for any accident related matters.

Vehicle Pre-inspection

LTA annual inspection? BH Auto offers Pre-Inspection Services to rectify any faulty automotive issues by our team of mechanic/technician experts, ensuring you a smooth inspection journey at LTA.

Bodykits & Parts

Apart from Maintenance Services, BH Auto also work closely with established suppliers to provide quality and reliable Bodykits and Parts to all interested customers.

Car Leasing

We provide car leasing services and for more enquiries or information, please contact us at 9101 3232.

For enquiry & reservations, please contact us at 6559 8944 or send a fax to us at 6269 2404.
Alternatively, you can email your enquiries to info@bhauto.com.sg or visit us at
We are also on FACEBOOK and SGCARMART .