On Site Car Battery Rescue Service (24 Hours Car Battery Service)

24 Hours Emergency Car Battery Rescue Hotline

+65 9101 3232

Island Wide Rescue . Warranty by Car Workshop . 30 Mins Rescue

Looking for Emergency Car Battery Rescue Service? BH Auto has a team of roadside rescue specialist for all your vehicle emergency situation. Emergency situations like car battery failure, car battery flat, car battery jump start are common among car owners. Proper maintenance of your car battery is one way to increase the life span of the car battery.

However, in the event of the following:

  • Car Battery Failure
  • Car cannot start due to Battery Flat
  • Cannot jump start

You have an option to call our rescue team to replace yourbattery on the spot. Our Car Battery Replacement Emergency Team usually arrives in 30 minutes to rescue you.

Why should you look for us?

  • Proper Car Workshop with proper tools
  • Fast Response time
  • Warranty
  • Proper check to make sure the fault lies with the battery
  • Save your money, instead of car towing to your workshop

Call our emergency Car Battery Rescue team at our emergency hotline

9101 3232