3 Reasons Why You Should Use Credit Cards for Automotive Services















It’s easy to get into serious debt trouble with Credit Cards. But when it comes to expensive emergency repairs, they can be a lifesaver and offer you protections that cash can’t.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use a credit card to pay for an expensive emergency like a car repair or even spray painting service:

Additional Protection
Credit cards do offer some additional protection against fraud and bogus repairs. For example, Mastercard offers several types of shopping protection that certainly cover a car repair bill, as does Visa.

Free Road Assistance
Several major credit card companies and issuers offer emergency road services, check your credit card for which benefits are offered and what limitations and exclusions apply. Some premium accounts offer this perk for free, while others charge per service call, also any third party fees are the responsibility of the cardmember.

Short & Affordable Payment Term
Six to twelve months is best for most people. That gives you time to pay off the debt without rolling into a new loan, but not so much time that the debt outlives the car. Payment should apply to both principal and interest.

Good news for all of our customers as BH Auto Services Pte Ltd now offers 0% Installment Plans for all car services with any Diners*, Maybank^ or DBS^ Credit Card.

You can opt for either a 6-month or 12-month 0% instalment plans from our selected bank partners without having to break your bank!

Call us at +65 9101 3232 to find out more!

Terms & Conditions:
^Min $500
*No min spending

Diners 0% Interest Credit Card

Maybank 0% Interest Credit Card